Alternative Energy

American Land Company's Alternative Energy Division

Perhaps the greatest risk to our world are the doomsday scenarios warring nations and special interests have put in place, due to concerns about the reduction of our natural resources to be available for the human species, especially when it comes to energy.

At American Land Company, we feel it is imperative to the safety and future of our world, as well as our own country’s dependence on imported oil, to manage conventional and unconventional resources, and discover, develop and produce alternate and renewable energy sources that reduce and eventually eliminate our world’s dependency on our planet’s limited resources.

Sandia National Labs has determined that conditions in our area are the most ideal in the US for producing biofuels. The area contains brackish acquifers ideal for Algae production along with optimum sunlight suitable for large scale commercial farms.

Millions of years ago during the mid-Cretaceous Period, this area produced a large volume of the calcium bearing algae that supported large colonies of marine life, water fowl and giant land mammals resulting to the formation of economically viable sedimentary deposits.

Growing algae for biofuel production not only provides a sustainable source of alternative energy, but is also good for the environment. Algae are inherently carbon neutral and can clean the environment by taking CO2 from the air as part of their growth process.

Algae grows quickly at a large scale and can potentially generate up to 50 times more the amount of oil per acre than row crops like corn and soybean, while requiring much less land.