Oil and Gas

American Land Company's Oil and Gas Division

American Land Company’s Oil and Gas Division is highly focused on building one of the largest onshore oil and natural gas resource bases in the U.S. by focusing our technical and land acquisition skills on developing unconventional resource plays. Our commitment to sustainable development motivates a form of progress that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We have oil and gas drilling rights for more than one million acres.

For the last century, our families have been involved in oil and gas, with some of the largest conventional oil finds in the world on many of these properties.

Until now, unconventional resources have largely been ignored, but that is changing, due to utilization of recent improved technologies, allowing smaller crew requirements, quicker drilling, improved safety and more effective resource recovery.

In addition, JW brings new proprietary super-computer based calculation and 3D views of the subsurface to change the game, taking the guesswork out of working with fields that have produced for half a century, as well as areas that have produced nothing before.

State-of-the-art technologies are also being utilized, such as Seismic 3D, new methods for vertical and horizontal drilling while using environmentally friendly drilling muds and safe water practices to insure a clean environment for the present and future.

JW also brings a wealth of global relationships that open up new markets.