J W Daniel and Energy Ranching

West Texas Ranching

the way of the Southwest

Due to JW’s background in agriculture, his excellence and strong business practices with Fortune 500 companies, exposure and experience with global markets, and utilizing the latest in technology, a group of West Texas families have asked JW to work with over 1 million acres of ranch land, developing out and leveraging resources for (1) mining, (2) oil and gas, (3) sustainable agriculture and (4) alternative energy.

farming and sustained agriculture

farming and sustained agriculture

We call this Energy Ranching.

Valuing the best of the old ways, in keeping with the values of harmony with nature and each other, leveraging the resources of nature’s storehouse in the Comancheria, we are creating bio-products, renewable energy, fuels, food, feed, fillers, long lasting construction materials, and numerous products that are clean, healthy, and the best quality.


Texas, the best oil and gas

American Land Company desires to provide greater opportunity for the local area in jobs and commerce, while bringing global markets and better technology, greater life, creativity and restoration of the land, improving the matching of cropping patterns, nutrient cycling, farm management and conservation of our soil, water, energy and biological resources.



As JW has been exposed to global issues, he’s become concerned about the risk of mismanaging non-renewable resources, and is intent to help solve the worlds need for food, feed, and energy without resorting to doomsday scenarios.